Our goal is to force a tough international climate treaty in the next year and get it ratified by the Senate.  
This is NOT impossible, our studies of Nonviolent Struggle convince us this is doable!
(Besides, it may be our last chance.)
Watch Rachel successfully end her 8-Day Hunger Strike!
 Pete's video from the RNC in Tampa!
Pete sums up the Man-Made Climate Catastrophe
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We're making some progress and getting some press! Check out Rachel's interview with Grist and coverage by The Catholic Herald! (click on the links)
Here is the Denver Post covering our demonstration at the 1st Presidential Debate in Denver

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We're inspired by the Otpor movement in Serbia, who  themselves were inspired by...wait for it...Monty Python!

Our dream is to somehow top Otpor as the funniest successful movement in history!


This week we're concentrating on building MeetUp.com Pissed-Off Polar Bear "Dens" (see the adjacent column) in every state.

For starters, organize MeetUps, then soon we'll be feeding you funny actions to take to the streets in order to recruit new members.  If you can't wait, just go ahead with your own action, as long as it adheres to the rules of Nonviolence (see: Nonviolent Action Guidelines 2 columns over!) and as long as it's solely about global warming!

Join Meetup.com to get connected with other Climate Activists in your area.  The best way to do this is type Meetup.com into your browser and then click on Find A Group in the upper left corner of the main page.  Then, type into 
the search window "Pissed-Off Polar Bears’" and your city’s name (for example "Pissed-Off Polar Bears’ West Los Angeles, CA Den").  If you don’t get a Pissed-Off Polar Bears’ Den in your area, than you get to start a Den! 

Don’t get too pissed-off, starting a Den is fun and easy.  You click on Start a Meetup Group and follow the instructions.  Be sure to use Pissed-Off Polar Bears’ – (your community, city or town) Den.   Doing this insures that you are linked and benefited the greater branded cause.  A cause that is full ofaction and strategy. From there, put as many categories as you can that relate to our cause (such as, environment, non-violent action, climate change, and global warming).  You can make questions for your Activist to answer if theychoose (for example – When did you realize that Climate Change was the most dangerous threat to life on Earth?)  Be sure you fill out your own profile, make Meetup events right away and put jokes in there, funny counts!

If you get into real trouble with content, go to Meetup.com search Pissed-Off Polar Bears’ West Los Angeles Den and copy and paste my content to your hearts content.  This process will take about 30 minutes to 1 hour.  By the way, above is the logo to use as a photo.

The only guidelines are to be a Meetup of activists, that is action makers and  takers, commit to learning and adhering to strictNONVIOLENT weaponry, and be as funny as possible.  

 Good Luck!

Rachel Hope


We demand strict nonviolent   discipline of our activists,  not because it's "nice", but because it's    SMART.  It's the only way to match forces with the fossil fuel industry that puts them at a disadvantage.

We intend to focus on their 3 GLARING weaknesses:
1.  They're putting everyone's kids at risk, including their own.
2.  They're basically destroying the planet for every other business, and every other person, in every country on Earth.
3.  Even their own employees will not be able to escape the devastation that's to come.

1. We will not harm anyone, and we will not retaliate in reaction to violence.
2. We will be honest and will treat every person with respect, especially law officers.
3. We will express our feelings but will not harbor hatred.
4. We will be alert to people around us and will provide needed assistance.
5. As peacekeepers we will protect others from insults and violence.
6. During a demonstration we will not run nor make threatening motions.
7. If we see a demonstrator threatening anyone, we will intervene to calm down the situation. If demonstrators become violent, and we cannot stop it, we will withdraw.
8. We will not steal, and we will not damage property.
9. We will not carry any weapons.
10. We will not bring or use any alcohol or drugs, other than for medical purposes.
11. We will keep the agreements we make with other demonstrators.  In the event of a serious disagreement, we may withdraw.

Gene Sharp has been studying the nonviolent struggles of history for over 50 years.  His Albert Einstein Institute offers free downloads and brilliant books for purchase.  We particularly recommend Waging Nonviolent Struggle and The Dynamics of Nonviolent Action.

Contact: petethepissedoffpolarbear@gmail.com, and/or polly@pissedoffpolarbears.org